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2017 Greek Festival June 9, 10 and 11

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Friday - 5PM-10PM, Saturday - 12Noon-10PM, Sunday - 12Noon-5PM

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Folk music and dance is the essence of entertainment for the Greeks.  Think Zorba and syrtaki!  Music expresses the soul of a Greek, itís essential to our being.  Sung to the unique sounds of the bouzouki, a mandolin-like instrument, Greek songs talk of love and betrayal, memories of a glorious past, battles and victories, about Byzantine empresses and common peasants, heroes and gods.  Passion, after all, is a main trait of every Greek!


Many women in the community start planning the event menu weeks before the festival.  Itís a tradition, and more than that, itís a family tradition.  At any point during the week leading up to the Festival you can find three generations of the same family working together in the kitchen.  Passing down the traditions is an important part of our Festival!

You see, Greeks donít cook just to eat.  Cooking is a ritual, a loving preparation of nourishment in order to please our family and guests.  And the food is delicious.  I mean, what would you expect from those who invented nectar and ambrosia?

Cooking is not just preparing a meal.  Greek women not only take great pride in their culinary skills but the ultimate joy would be to please their guests.  As you know, Greek hospitality is legendary!

Itís a great day for everybody.  Many people come for the food, of course, but next thing, you see them out there dancing. Old, young, Greek or not, it doesnít matter, they dance and they eat and they drink.  Itís a great party!


Dancing for the youth is really a bridge to their honored past, a bonding experience between themselves and the rest of the Greeks of the world, an understanding of their culture through music and dance.